Republic Will Begin Refunds in October

Here is the statement released, Tuesday, by Republic Services on refund payments to commercial and industrial customers in San Angelo, TX...
Republic Waste Services of Texas, Ltd. has notified the City of San Angelo that Republic will begin issuing refund checks in October to affected customers following a review of commercial and industrial customer billing statements.

Republic is voluntarily refunding certain fees paid by affected commercial and industrial customers in San Angelo, going back to August 1, 2004. This ten year period covers the full term of Republic’s prior contract with the City. Republic was assisted by a leading international accounting firm on the review. This review considered ten years of billing data pertaining to environmental recovery fees and fuel recovery fees, including associated franchise fees and sales tax. Based on findings from the review, Republic will be refunding in excess of $6 million to commercial and industrial customers. Refunds will include interest at a rate of 3.5 percent.

The charges to be refunded were made in good faith. We hope that our decision to extend refunds going back ten years, with interest, demonstrates our desire to address any concern that amounts charged by Republic were incorrect or unauthorized, and will enable affected customers and this community to move forward.
We will begin mailing refund notices and payments to affected commercial and industrial customers in October. Refund notices and payments will be mailed to current and last known customer addresses. 

We are truly proud to be a part of this great community. We wish to thank the community for its understanding as we went through the review process, and we look forward to returning our focus to what we do best -- providing excellent service and value to our customers.

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