Region 15 Teacher's Conference

- The Region 15 Conference helped teachers from across the state learn new ways to teach children in the classroom. As time has evolved so have the needs of students as Rio Vista Headstart teacher Elizabeth Martinez expressed the role of a teacher teachers signifies a variety of things.

"You're doing a little bit of everything...the nurse you're there for the you know that hug that they need because they may not have that time. When they're plopped in front of the television, you want them away from that you want that to be timed...iPads and all that. You want them to be educated with their social emotion as well," Rio Vista Head Start teacher Elizabeth Martinez said.

Focusing on teaching children under the age of five. the conference instilled that learning to adapt to change to accommodate children and their needs is important but parent involvement also plays a key role in the learning process.

"Our job is also as Headstart is to get our parents involved. Come and join us. Come and join us to read. Come do volunteering if we are going to do planting, come help us plant the seeds that we're doing. Or come and do a puppet show with us is what we're talking about in our theme," Blackshear Head Start teacher Maida Rojas said.

Rojas added many of the things taught at the region 15 conference cannot only benefit those teaching children under the age of five but teachers of all levels.

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