Police Investigate Hit & Run

-     San Angelo Police are searching for the suspect of a hit and run, which hospitalized a woman after she was dragged by a truck several hundred yards.
    Police responded to Knickerbocker and Bentwood around 8:30am. 
    Investigating officers concluded the initial accident involved a maroon SUV driven by the female victim, and a pick-up truck towing a tractor. Police believe the two vehicles collided while the truck was attempting a lane change.
     When the truck stopped at a traffic light, the female driver got out to get the truck driver's attention, when police believe her hand became stuck in the truck's tail gate. The truck began driving again when the light turned green and dragged the woman approximately 500 feet before she fell off and was run over by the trailor. The truck didn't stop. Police aren't sure whether the driver was aware of the collision or subsequent injuries to the woman, who was taken to community medical center with what police described as life threatening injuries.
   Witnesses described the truck as a white or cream colored truck towing a rust colored trailor and rust colored tractor.

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