Police Are Dealing With Suicide More Than Ever

- Kaitlin Moore Reports:

San Angelo is more than 3.5% above the state average when it comes to suicides and area law enforcement officers say they're reporting more cases this year.

As Robin Williams legacy and suicide makes headlines more and more attention is surrounding the issue of suicide.

Sergeant Williams says, "That's basically their out cry for someone to reach out and help."

An out cry for help, says Sergeant Quentin Williams of the Mental Health Unit, that happens too often here in San Angelo.

Kaitlin Moore, "Not only have we seen an increase in suicides nationally, but also right here in San Angelo with in the past year we've seen an increase as well. And with that said local officials are saying more people are dying from suicide than they are car wrecks."

Also more people die from suicide than homicide

Sergeant Williams, "In Mental Health yesterday I think we had four calls before 5 o clock."

According to Justice of the Peace, approximately 37 people were pronounced dead from suicide in the past 18 months.

Officials looked at the increase in suicides in town over the past year.

In 2013 there were 285 reports involving suicide/suicidal subjects..13 of those calls resulted in death.

This year to date approximately 200 reports have been made involving suicide, 11 of those resulting in death.

Actor, Robin Williams isn't alone. Studies show nationally there has been a increase in suicides ranging in ages 35 to 66, but Sergeant williams says that is not the case in San Angelo.

"We see people actually commit suicide is the ones about the 9th grade...10 grade. "

The West Texas Counseling and Guidance Director, Dusty McCoy stresses the importance of getting help.

McCoy, "We know therapy works. We know people that come to counseling and recieve professional counseling. End up getting better"

The West Texas Counseling and Guidance doesn't turn anyone away regardless of ability to pay.

If you need help or know anyone who does. Call the Sheriffs Department at 655-81-11 and ask for a Mental Health Deputy.


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