Planning Commission Says "No" to Walmart Developers

A potential speed bump today, for a proposed new Walmart Supercenter. The city's planning commission denied a re-zoning plan.

Walmart developers are proposing a 190,000 square foot Walmart Supercenter to be built in San Angelo.

Monday, Planning Committee members discussed the proposal of a Walmart Supercenter being built on this 21.5 acres on South Bryant near Jackson Street.

Nearly two dozen residents, residing in the Century Park neighborhood nearby, attended the meeting stating their opposition to the development plan.

"Allowing Walmart, allowing this to happen or the city to allow it to happen coming in on Jackson Street to enter their businesses, is a mistake," one concerned citizen said.

City Planning Commissioners were presented with a petition of 75 signatures; many residents are concerned with store access through Jackson Street.

"You know you can put up signs you can do this or that, but it's hard to enforce and there's going to be issues there that we know are going to come up and we would like to do anything possible to stop that before there's actually a problem," Century Park Homeowner President said.

But one resident says, Jackson Street was developed for heavy traffic.

"It was actually designed to carry traffic on and across the river and connect to Goodfellow, so it was not just a little neighborhood minor little street that was built, it was designed to be a thoroughfare," a resident "for" the development.

During Monday's meeting, the city's planning commission voted to deny the re-zoning development plan, serving as a recommendation to city council members. If approved, this would be the third Supercenter in San Angelo.

"Our store on Southwest is almost impossible to get in and out of, but with this Walmart coming up that's going to relieve a lot of stress on that Walmart on Sherwood Way."

City Council members will consider the proposal in an upcoming meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 16th.

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