Paying It Forward: Just Between Friends

- Walking in to the Wells Fargo Pavilion, hundreds of items including clothing, toys, and furniture line the walls. For some, the Just Between Friends Sale means saving a few bucks. For others, like Gustavo and Amanda Espinoza, helping organize the sale means giving back to the community as they once received.

"I can't say enough about how good it's been to us and that's something that I can relate to. When I see other teen parents here I get that feeling of how I felt the first time we came and we found so much that we needed. It's just refreshing to know that this is what JBF is about and how it helps our community," Team Member Amanda Espinoza said.

Expecting their first child while still in high school, Gustavo and Amanda found themselves in a tough position. The Just Between Friends Sale helped them in their time of need. Now five years later both husband and wife are paying it forward by volunteering their time as team members.

"As teen parents, not knowing what to do. I felt I was ready, but wasn't ready. But JBF made me ready. They were there to help us out in the time of need when we didn't have. It's been great I mean helping out put it all up it's that feeling that's inside of you that you just can't explain. It's a great feeling," Team Member Gustavo Espinoza said.

Gustavo and Amanda aren't the only ones paying it forward. One hundred percent of the admission fees and thousands of dollars of unsold merchandise are donated to Rust Street Ministries. The items are then distributed to aide less fortunate families around the world.

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