Ozona Dad wins contest

- Father's Day is Sunday and, in honor of that special day, we chose a winner for the Deck Out Your Dad contest. This year's Dad was Melvin Conner Sr in Ozona.

Melvin Conner and his wife, Linda, live in Ozona. Their 7-year-old grandson Caleb is visiting for the summer.

The Conner home is full of laughter and love. It has been that way since Melvin found out his wife nominated him for the Deck Out Your Dad contest.

"I actually looked at my wife and asked, 'what she put me into now because they just called my name and said they were coming here'," stated Melvin.

Linda said she cannot be prouder of her husband.

"I mean, he helps with the grandson, he was here last summer, and he participated in the youth baseball and my husband stepped up and helped coach," explained Linda. "It's things like that just brings joy back to me."

Melvin has been a boy scout leader for almost 20 years. He's the boy scout master of Ozona Troop 153. He helped his son, Melvin Junior, become an Eagle Scout and was a Girl Scout leader for his daughter, Erika.

"It all kinda worked out good for us and I enjoyed all of it," Melvin said passionately.

Melvin is even leading a camping trip on Father's Day this weekend and also celebrating his 29th wedding anniversary.

"We enjoy camping out and we enjoy being by the waters and stuff like that; so, what a way to spend your anniversary... I'm going to relax. I'm gonna find me a shade tree and lay up like a big toad frog," finished Melvin.

Conner's message to young families is simple: appreciate them while you can and spend time with them while you are young.

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