Overwhelming Amount of Trash Leftover

It's apparent residents enjoyed their Fourth of July, this weekend, by the amount of trash leftover, despite an abundance of easily accessible dumpsters.

City crews are now having to invest a concentrated effort to clean-up Lake Nasworthy, Twin Buttes, and many area parks.

The Fourth of July is infamous for Bar-B-Que's, fireworks, and trash. Director of Operations, Shane Kelton, says the amount of trash exceeds their expectations each year.

"It places a significant burden on city crews. You know we're already pushed pretty hard to get the parks cleaned back-up after a major weekend and holiday," Kelton said.

This year, fireworks were legal in Tom Green County, but with that privilege comes the responsibility to clean-up the trash.

In the Twin Buttes area, where many celebrators gathered, trash bags were distributed to each vehicle and two additional extra-large dumpsters were provided to dispose of litter properly. Despite city efforts, the 20-yard dumpsters were only at about a quarter full at the end of the holiday weekend.

This proposes the question: Will City Council members rethink allowing residents to shoot off fireworks in the future?

"It's at council's discretion; how it's done and how it's worked, and again we never know from one year to the next and of course it's all situational too," Kelton said.

Kelton says, city staff are grateful for a select few volunteers who decided to take the issue upon themselves , and clean-up after the weekends festivities.

"We had quite a few citizen volunteers that went out there after the fact on Saturday, and again even [Monday] morning. Anytime citizens pitch in and help like that we definitely want to give them a shout out, and tell them how much we appreciate their assistance and their help," Kelton says.

City parks crews will be out for the next several days cleaning up remnants from the holiday weekend.

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