Organizations launch 'pray for rain' campaign

- "We need the rain. We're praying we receive it, but we need a lot of rain," stated Love.

Crockett National Bank Marketing Director Jenny Love first started giving away 'pray for rain' signs weeks ago. She said residents are coming in droves to pick up signs.

"We've had a huge response- we ordered a thousand signs and yesterday I delivered the rest of the signs to Meals for the Elderly. Because there's 42 volunteers that go in there on a daily basis and I know that they're going to want the signs," said Love.

Love said the bank has given away almost all of the 1,000 original signs and as long as there is a demand for them. They'll keep giving them away for free.

"As long as there's a demand, we'll keep giving them. We need the rain and we want to make sure it's at the top of everyone's minds to continue to ask God to bring us the rain we so desperately need," continued Love.

Other San Angelo groups are promoting pray for rain by printing t-shirts and organizing a pray for rain event. Downtown business leaders in the 'Living Prayer Chain' want to make April 12th a public pray for rain day.

"Well, we're going to pray for rain and other needs for our city and it's to bring religion to the people and we feel like it's going to we're going to have a really good response to it," said a group representative.

Both groups said prayer is the answer to the drought.

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