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Western Veterinary Hospital Enhances Technology to help Horses

Dr. Hodges is currently one of two private practices in the US with Equimagine

San Angelo - TX - Dr. Gary Hodges, veterinary and owner of Western Veterinary Hospital in San Angelo says when he built the hospital he wanted to be on the cutting edge of technology, bringing modern medicine to West Texas.

"Right now you're looking at, Gary is one of two private practices in the United States and really on the face of the Earth that has one. There's another system at Penn State that's still in development and we have a system over in Dubai, " says the Chief Surgeon and Director of the Dubai Equine Hospital, Dr. Tom Yarbrough.

A robotic system called "Equimagine" is simply a moving x-ray unit for horses.

Dr. Yarbrough made a personal visit from Dubai to see about the system.

"This expands the things we can do with our patients into another universe," says Yarbrough.

While the horse is sedated the system shoots over 450 x-rays in less than 30 seconds. Those images are processed into 2D and 3D images allowing vets to better detect issues in horses.

"We fell like we have our unit to the point that we can put forth a very good product and help diagnose lamenesses in horses," says Dr. Gary Hodges.

"I'd say basically in it's development stage with the inventor, they've probably been pushing this down the road for 15 years, once it came to the Equine market, it's been worked on for about 3 years now to get to this point," says Yarbrough.

Dr. Hodges purchased the robotic system about 2 years ago, and after development and manufacture delays, he was able to have it installed in May.

At this time, only horses can benefit from the robotic capabilities of Equimagine, but as technology develops, soon any animal will be able to benefit from the system.

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