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Texas Business Conference

Texas Business Conference

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS - The Texas Business Conference held at the McNease Convention Center provided valuable information for employers and business owners concerning the legal issues associated with operating a business in Texas.

"We are here to just talk about employment laws, and how to help lawyers comply with all of the state and federal and employment laws that apply to them," Tommy Simmons, Legal Council to Commissioner Ruth Hughs, says.

Employers recieved information on how to  operate a successful business and learned techniques to more efficiently manage their employees.

"One of the main things is, because the laws are really complex, and nobody can possibly learn about them all in one day- the main thing is just finding out who the resources are that employers can call on to get help," Simmons says.

Some of the seminar topics covered Texas employment law, the basics of hiring, Federal Texas wage and hourly laws, and Employee policy handbooks

"They are learning about the attorneys who are on Commissioner Hughs' legal team, and also other resource departments that we have- the  U.S. Department of Labor, and various other state agencies, like, the Texas Department of insurance, and places they can call to turn to help for things like that," Simmons says.

Participants also received the latest edition of the popular publication titled "especially for Texas employers" the book addresses topics such as hiring, pay, post-employment, and work-separation policies

"I think it's extremely important for us to go around and visit as many areas in Texas as we can and speak with as many employers as possible in both the public and private sector, just because all of the Texas and Federal employment laws are so complex, and there are so many of them, and they're changing all of the time. It is just really important for us to go out and kind of update employers on what is expected of them, and that way employers and employees benefit alike," Simmons says.

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