San Angelo Residents Talk Storm Damage

San Angelo - TX - Residents across San Angelo are still dealing with the aftermath of Friday's severe storms.

"You can hear the wind blowing and these little houses can't stand a whole lot of pressure," says San Angelo resident, Sal Deanda.

I spoke with resident after resident on the North side of town about their experience during the storms.

"I mean it was bad," says Deanda.

"As you can see all the limbs, big limbs are on the street, as you can the poles and everything, telephone poles, it was bad."

All the residents I spoke to say they experienced power outages. Even after power was restored, many are still cleaning up the mess mother nature left behind. 

Mary Griego was out of town during the storms. When she returned home, she was welcomed with a Mesquite tree branch sitting through the windshield of her SUV.

"What we expected was just a few limbs here and there, maybe a few scratches, but no, now we see that it's a whole limb a whole trunk," says San Angelo resident, Mary Griego.

Weather reports show that winds swept through San Angelo at about 85 mph. Mary says she's never experienced a storm like this.

"We lost the Tahoe, but it's ok, as long as nobody got hurt during the storm," says Griego.

"We're just glad that the whole tree didn't fall on top of the house."

She's spent most of her Monday cleaning up the debris around her home.

"We're going to be taking this load out to the Coliseum, to go dump it out there. We do appreciate the city doing that for us. A lot of the mesquite we're going to try and save it for a BBQ one day."

Many residents like the Griegos say it'll take time to clean up their neighborhoods, but with the help of the city and a few extra neighborly hands, they'll get the job done.

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