San Angelo Hospitals Civil Lawsuit Jury Trial Continues

San Angelo - TX - The jury trial for the civil suit between Shannon Medical Center and San Angelo Community Medical Center started at the end of July.

The fight is to obtain ownership of the jointly-owned Regional Cancer Treatment Center.

According to court reports, Shannon, a non-profit organization filed a petition in 2015 to dissolve the partnership with Community Medical Center, formerly known as Triad, a for profit organization, because of business profits that deem to affect the operation of the cancer treatment center.

The partnership of nearly 30 years now own assets with a book value of about $7.5 million.

The conflict of for-profit and non-profit business built tension between both hospitals. Documents filed with the court shows Shannon currently has the right to vote at least 75% in the partnership to Community's 25%.

Community is saying Shannon does not have the required votes to dissolve the Partnership due to an unsettled voting agreement.

Both hospitals have previously stated they are reserving comment until the conclusion of the trial.

Attorneys are expecting to give closing arguments Tuesday with hopes of a jury decision some time this week.

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