Post Storm Cleanup: Business Signage

San Angelo - TX - Businesses like O'Reilly Auto Parts on Sherwood Way and the McDonalds on South Bryant are still working to put things back together after Friday's severe storms.

"We dont' typically work on Saturdays, but after the storm we had to go in and there was several businesses that had called and we had to make their signs more safe," says Will Charlesworth.

85 mile per hour winds blew through San Angelo causing signage damage to a number of businesses.

"Like these that are here [O'Reilly signage] are made out of a flex face and they're actually secured to a frame, so it's very hard for those to blow out, so it kind of tells you the severity of what the storm was," says Charlesworth.

Will Charlesworth is the owner of San Angelo's All About Signs. He says his crews are still out in the fields assessing the damage caused by mother nature.

"We're at between 20-25 businesses yesterday just looking at things. It's going to take anywhere from depending on what type of face it is to anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks to get the sign back in. The storm didn't discriminate, it didn't matter how big it was."

Most business are waiting for repair or replacement estimates to submit to their insurance companies -- and once that's done companies like All About Signs will get to work putting up signage, helping businesses, get back to business.

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