Paint Rock ISD Part with Old Faithful

San Angelo - TX - The students at Paint Rock ISD have a lot to be excited for. Not too long ago the district rolled in a few new school buses, but unfortunately these new wheels, sent the old wheels home.

"This is literally the last stick shift bus that any of the schools around here that we know of have been using," says Ron Cline, superintendent of Paint Rock ISD.

Bus 8 was purchased 25 years ago, the oldest bus at Paint Rock and now the old timer is being put to rest.

"It's an older bus and everything, but it's something special about the character of what peoplee call a "yella-dog." This one had a lot of character to it," says Cline.

The bus has traveled all over West Texas bringing back a lot of trophies and championship over the years for the football team.

"It means a lot too because it's such an old bus. It's a lot of sentimental value because we've gone through all the games, a lot of losses coming back and a lot of wins, a lot of emotion on that bus," says a senior high school football player.

"It's part of the brotherhood, it's family. Every time we won the coaches would say the bus ran better. With as old as it was, it was school spirit riding on that bus, shows how tough Paint Rock is."

Old Bus number 8 is being auctioned off by Braden and Sons Auction Services March 5, a jewel that'll be truly missed by many at Paint Rock.

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