Local Teen Spends Summer Helping Others

San Angelo - TX - Sabian Baker's good deeds started last winter when he spotted a few homeless people living under the city bridge.

"It just hit me in the car. We were going near the bridges, I saw them and was like I got to help them," says Sabian Baker.

His efforts of helping others did not stop there, this year he's reaching out to the residents of Senior Care facilities.

"I think we need more people to come and visit with them. These people are loving and kind, I think they're just amazing," says Baker.

Sabian is autistic and often battles with other disabilities, but he doesn't let those challenges keep him from helping others.

"He likes it and he enjoys it, that's what really makes me happy," says Sabian's mother, Peggy Baker.

On Saturdays Sabian and his younger brother visit senior facilities like Rio Concho Terrace. He brings along his puppet Tommy to help greet the residents.

Sabian's new found talent is ventriloquism and he practices while visiting residents.

"Anytime he's happy as a mother, you're always happy. Just to see your child happy and he really gets a lot out of it and I think as he gets older, he learns more than he would if he was sitting in front of a TV," says Baker.

Sabian says he's going to make a few more visits just before school starts.


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