Defense & State Rest and New Evidence Presented in John Young Case

San Angelo - TX - The direction of the John Young Trial shifted gears Tuesday when Young's attorneys presented new evidence of a holographic will hand written by John Sullivan in 2013 -- it was a bombshell for the prosecutors.

Greg Estes, John Sullivan's financial analyst, testified that he watched Sullivan write the will in Este's office in March of 2013.

Estes took the pictures of Young and provided them to the court.

The pictures show Sullivan holding a pen to a legal pad after writing the will a year before his death.

The state's response? "Why is this the first time anyone has ever seen or heard of this will?"

Estes replied that he thought the will no longer existed after news broke of the hand-written will at the center of Young's forgery trial.

Estes was questioned by Ranger Nick Hanna during the investigation but did not mention that he witnessed Sullivan write the will.

Jean Bundrandt, a woman who occasionally had lunch with Sullivan testified to the verbiage of the alleged forged will, which gave Young Sullivan's $6 million estate.

After both sides rested Tuesday --  the Judge will read a charged to the jury Wednesday before they start deliberating.

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