City Seeks to Recover Funds in Hirschfeld Lawsuit

San Angelo - TX - The city of San Angelo and it's Development Corporation is going head to head with a company who committed to provide hundreds of wind-energy related jobs, but now that company has failed to fulfill its promise, so now the city is looking to get back what's owed to them.

The city of San Angelo Development Corporation and the city are seeking to recover more than 2.7 million dollars in damages, attorneys' fees and minor costs all from a 2009 investment to bring a wind turbine tower fabrication plant to San Angelo.

COSADC and the city filed the lawsuit against Martifer-Hirschfeld Energy Systems early last year, when the company committed to investing $40 million into its wind energy plant, creating 225 full-time jobs for local and area residents.

In a city news release published Monday, the release stated, and I quote, "Before filing suit, the City and the COSADC worked patiently and tirelessly to resolve the matter."

The release goes on to say that court documents show that Martifer-Hirschfeld failed to live up to its contractual obligations with the city...and never offered to repay more than a slim fraction of the millions it received.

The attorney representing the company declined an on camera comment but issued this quote, saying "Martifer-Hirschfeld tried to work with the city and did everything it could to save the plant." He goes on to say "the company did its best for the city and will continue to do so."

Judge Ben Woodward did not make a ruling on Tuesday's summary hearing,  which means the city may or may not be back in court. But at the end of the hearing the judge did say, "He'll keep in touch."

Click here for the city's statement on Hirschfeld lawsuit.

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