Business for Roofing Contractors Skyrocket after Storms

San Angelo - TX - Kirby Hartman, the owner of Hartman Roofing in San Angelo says the past few weeks have been beyond busy.

"Several days after the initial storm, since we've had two, one on the 4th of July, one about a week before. We're having probably about 50 calls, at least 50 calls a day," says Kirby Hartman.

"We haven't had our phones just so crazy since 1995, everybody remembers '95."

The 85 mile per hour wind storm that swept through the Concho Valley in June caused roofing damage for hundreds of residents and businesses.

"Residential, there was just shingles blown off all over, but the people that are really really in a predicament are mainly commercial roofs that it took the entire roof off," says Hartman.

"So many of the roofs have blown off, especially a lot of the commercial roofs, the flat roofs. The wind gets underneath them, it's like a big ole sheet, just rips them right off."

To catch up with just the local damages the roofing company has about 5 crews out every day.

"I think all the local roofers, we have a lot of really good contractors here and I think everybody is just bombarded with calls right now."

Hartman Roofing has been in business since 1988 and serves West Texas and parts of the Panhandle.

Kirby says within a month's time, he hopes to have all damages assessed and or repaired.

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