Bishop Street Bootcamp Ranch Helps Men in Need

San Angelo - TX - "These men are good guys, they just got off into a bad mess and we're here to help them get out of that mess," says Bishop Street Bootcamp Ranch Director, Bryan Pilgrim.

Bryan Pilgrim and his wife Julie started Bishop Street Bootcamp Ministries a few years ago.

The transitional home for men coming out of addictions has drawn some opposition from the community after it was relocated to Dove Creek.

"I believe there was a word on a sign 'Bootcamp' and that word made them feel like it was going to be a prison facility, this is not so," says Pilgrim.

"These men are here voluntarily. No man is here by court order or by state. These men come voluntarily wanting healing."

The Pilgrims currently house six men in their home.

"At age 13 I became a regular user, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, alcohol," says former addict, Justin Auvenshine.

"Within two years I've grown more than I have in my whole life before I ever came here," says former addict, Carter Gentry.

"It's very hard, especially for a man, we have that manly pride, you know I can do this, I don't need help, but that's not true, we all need the help of God," says Auvenshine.

"It's an amazing organization and they are really changing men's lives, they are truly making a difference in these people lives," says Dove Creek Homeowner, Michael Biggerstaff.

Bishop Street Bootcamp Ranch is preparing to expand to a 24-man facility adjacent to the Pilgrims' home.

The Pilgrims say they just want their community to know that there is a safe place of love and healing in Dove Creek for men that need healing and love.

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