Annual Texas Food Connection Day

Tom Green County Farm Bureau connects farmers & ranchers with consumers

San Angelo - TX - The Texas Food Connection Day is an annual event across the state where farmers and ranchers get to talk one on one to consumers.

"It started out as a way to try and inform the consumer about the amount of money that a farmer actually makes from off of a $5 hamburger," says Tom Green County Farm Bureau President, Greg Schwertner.

"Farming is a high-stakes game, there's a lot of risk involved for a small amount of income."

Schwertner goes on to say the event has involved into something where people can come ask questions, have a good burger and find answers to their questions.

A number of community volunteers came together to help with the cooking and burger prepping.

"...1,600 hamburgers, you're not doing it without volunteers and we have volunteers from obviously the directors, we've got Wall FFA out here, we've got some local agencies that were kind enough to come over and help," says Tom Green County Farm Bureau Director, Jaime Tankersley.

All the donations from the event benefit Meals for the Elderly.

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