24 Abandoned Chihuahuas Found in room at Park Motel

Municipal Court Judge orders dogs to care of animal services

San Angelo - TX - When animal services arrived at the Park Motel on North Chadbourne they discovered 24 Chihuahuas in one room abandoned for days.

"And we found no evidence of food and water bowls, nor anything that had any water in them for the dog's care in the heat of the summer is quite dangerous for the dogs at that time," says the Assistant Director of Neighborhood and Family Services,  Morgan Chegwidden.

In a municipal court hearing Tuesday, the owner of the dogs, Connie Wallace, testified that the dogs were taken cared of and knew she had to downsize.

"This was a more uncommon case just because of the number animals and the small location they were being held in," says Chegwidden.

Wallace says she was in the process of moving and testified that the dogs were not spay/neutered or microchipped.

After testimony and closing statements, municipal court Judge Robert Daniel ordered the Chihuahuas to the care of animal services, a decision Wallace was not pleased with.

Connie Wallace: Very angry, very hurt. I gotta go to work.

Chegwidden says the Chihuahuas were seized just days after the Animal Shelter's Clear the Shelves event.

"It is not uncommon that we get calls for unreasonably abandoned animals, but we do unfortunately see that pretty frequently in our town," says Chegwidden.

"We do want to promote responsible pet ownership and that's why we have laws in place for spay/neuter for microchip."

Once the Chihuahuas are assessed and deemed adoptable, they'll need a forever home.

At Tuesday's hearing Wallace was ordered to reimburse the animal shelter for services rendered -- an estimated cost of close to $3,000. She'll return to municipal court next week for another hearing.

The Chihuahuas are being held at the San Angelo Animal Shelter.

Chegwidden says there is still a chance of an appeal to the judge's oder, so the shelter has to wait 10 days before any action can be done with the animals.

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