New Renovations at The Eola School Brewery


New renovations for a local brewery where the owner and operator is living the "American Dream."

"This is the best selling beer right here."

Meet Mark Cannon, founder, owner and soul operator of The Eola School Brewery. Originally named "Bright Brewery", after purchasing the burned down school back in June of 2004, Cannon changed the name to Eola School creating his first beer in 2006.

The Eola school burned down in 1946 and is now a national landmark.

The brewery isn't a family business nor is it something he thought of with friends. He has done this all by himself from renovating, cooking and making the beer. He says he taught himself by reading many books on how to brew beer.

Out front customers will find an herb and vegetable garden where cannon hand picks fresh produce for foods he cooks like the margarita pizza.

Cannon says, "I really had to do a lot of things on my own here. I never envisioned doing from putting windows in to cooking for groups and obviously making the beer."

Cannon also says he hit the jack pot with start up costs around 25 thousand dollars.

Kaitlin Moore, "Because the Eola Brewery has expanded so much, Mark has bought a new fermenter and so now he'll be able to brew 500 gallons at one time verses 125. "

Cannon distributes and taps many beers in the surrounding areas. Along with his most popular beer "the Farm Ale" he brews stouts, oak porters and a true German hefeweizen, averaging about 65 barrels a year.

"It just makes a lot of sense to try and make my own that way it is unique. It kinda of stand out a little bit catches somebody's eye. "

You can get a taste of Cannon's hospitality and craft beer just off Ranch Road 381.

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