New Businesses Including 10 Hotels Coming To San Angelo


The fastest growth San Angelo has seen in decades is happening now. A number of hotels are under construction and at least half a dozen more are being planned with retail and restaurants to follow.

Driving down Houston Harte it's easy to see San Angelo is booming with new hotels, retail stores and restaurants.

Chamber of Commerce President Phil Neighbors says retail businesses will follow and that will result in an increase in sales tax revenue. Already it's up almost ten percent over last year.

Neighbors says, "A year to date we are up 9 point 8 percent over last year, so we are almost four years in a constant growth in our sales tax."

He also says the increase in revenue indicates more people are working and feeling better about spending their money.

Local grocery stores will soon have a little more competition with the new Green's Grocery Cafe on Southwest. Green's is offering more than just groceries they'll have a drive thru, a cafe with locally produced foods and meats.

Director, Mary Beam says, "There was really kind of a need for it. It's a need for a different place to go for fresh and local produce and a different environment. This is a great location. "

And to accommodate the increase in population spurred by area oil field production even more hotels are planned.

Kaitlin Moore: "While at least 10 hotels are in the early planning stages. There are around a half a dozen retail establishments working towards a location."

Neighbors says, "We have a number of hotels. A few of them open and another 10-12 still coming or in some stage of building or permitting."

One of the new hotels is "the Court Yard by Marriott" partnering with Spring Hill Suites. Sales Director, Shawn Wilkins says his hotel will open early next year, just in time for the rode

Shawn Wilkins says, "Sometime in the middle of February is when we anticipate on getting the court yard open."

Kaitlin Moore Reports.

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