Multiple Incidents Keep Firefighters Busy

San Angelo Firefighters were busy, Sunday afternoon, with a handful of calls all within an hour.

Firefighters were called out on four separate incidents.

Just before 3:00 p.m., a dumpster fire was called in. Six minutes later, both a medical call and a major structure fire on North Monroe Street, in Central San Angelo, rerouted over two dozen firefighters.

"It looks chaotic, but it's generally pretty controlled and smooth for us. We're supposed to be in our gear and out of the station within 60 seconds of the call," Mowrey said.

San Angelo Fire Department Captain, Chris Mowrey, says firefighters are trained to respond without hesitation.

"So we have eight stations that have eight first out pumpers, so that's three gone. If they call a second alarm, like the one the fellas has yesterday, that's two more engines and another ambulance. So you could see how we get rundown pretty quick," Mowrey said.

Mowrey says, in an incident where a full response is necessary, three pumpers, the Battalion Chief, a rescue truck and an ambulance is sent out.

"After the incident is stabilized, then the Batt Chief at his discretion will start releasing units so they can get back in service and respond.

At 3:38, Sunday afternoon, a number of firefighters were released to respond to a vehicle fire at the Tinseltown movie theater.

Mowrey says, protocol requires at least two ambulances and two pumpers ready to respond. A minimum of 39 firefighters are on duty.

"When it gets down lower than that, and Assistant Chief will actually come in and call people in for overtime," Mowrey said.

During these high temperatures, firefighters can quickly dehydrate and become fatigued. Mowrey says, rehab centers are set up on site for firefighters to rejuvenate.

"These hot days that we have, it does get real hot in that bunker gear," Mowrey said.

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