More "alcohol-related collisions in summer months"

- Two serious collisions within the past week one in San Angelo and another in Irion County illustrate what officers say about the months of June and July when it comes to alcohol-related collisions.
On Saturday, two San Angelo residents died after a collision in Irion County. Following the collision, 20-year-old Richard Michael Garcia III was charged with criminal negligent homicide and driving under the influence.

State Trooper, Shawn Baxter, said during the months of June, July, and August he sees an increase in alcohol-related collision.

"What we're coming up on in the past is what has been known as the 101 critical days of summer," stated Baxter. "Which, basically, we see a slight increase in car crashes unfortunately, a lot of those have to do with drivers and alcohol."

Another collision in San Angelo on Friday with  a 29-year-old driver may have involved alcohol.

Texas is leading the nation in alcohol-related crashes. Baxter said it is because society thinks it is acceptable.

"In the last few years, Texas has led the nation in the number of alcohol-related crashes. What we find is it just seems to be an acceptable activity... when it's actually a dangerous activity... which is prevalent from the crashes we've had in the last few days," stated Baxter.

He suggests having a plan ready so, when you drink, you can get safely home without driving.

"Unfortunately, the first thing alcohol affects is your ability to make good decisions; so, when a person becomes intoxicated, a lot of times they think, 'well, I'm okay to drive'  and they make that poor decision," finished Baxter.

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