Mobley runs for county clerk

By Stephanie Garland

Published 02/25 2014 11:49AM

Updated 03/05 2014 07:57AM

Candidate Terry Mobley is currently the county HR Director. In the past decade, he said he's saved taxpayers thousands.
“I am the only candidate in this race that has a proven track record of reducing county government,” stated Mobley.

Mobley said he's focused on making a better future for citizens.
“I believe in return on investment. I believe in good business practices in running an office,” continued Mobley.

His unique way of thinking surprised others through the years.

“When I came to work for the county, an elected official said you can’t run it like a business,” explained Mobley.

He feels his focus is right where the citizens need it to be: on saving or investing taxpayer dollars.
“I think I do what the voters want me to do, what the citizens want me to do,” Mobley said.

Perhaps Mobley's biggest promise to voters is, if elected, he would emphasize customer service and would change the way the office is currently run.
“For the past five years, there’s been a 26-percent turnover rate…Nobody wants to come to the county office. They come because they have to…I strongly believe in accountability and good customer service,” finished Mobley.

Mobley and his department have already saved taxpayers $150,000 in the past five years. He said he hopes voters remember that when they go vote.

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