Mission Group Returns From Africa

The largest Ebola outbreak in history continues to spread, approaching 1,000 confirmed dead; two Americans are recovering from the disease, in Atlanta.

A group of missionaries from Paulann Baptist Church, just returned home from a trip to Africa. We spoke with them about their experience.

"The way that I found out is my Mother-in-Law text us and wanted to know if we were ok, you know if we were sick or where we were, and my husband called and let her know that we were fine," Missionary, Nellie Guerra said.

In the midst of the Ebola crisis in West Africa, over a dozen San Angeloans were only about 2,600 miles away in Mozambique on a mission trip.

Fourteen members of Paulann Baptist Church traveled on this year's two-week long mission trip, many were unaware of the largest Ebola outbreak in history.

In Nellie Guerra's second year to "Tschale Village", she says the shocking news wouldn't have changed her mind.

"We didn't know, and had I known it wouldn't of made a difference," Guerra said.

Over nine years, Charles Corfield says his fears have faded.

"I used to carry my own water there because of that fear, but no longer is that such a fear that I worry about it anymore," Corfield said.

Jeff Morris has traveled to Mozambique for six years, he says the most deadly threat in third world countries is polluted drinking water. The mission group installed two additional water wells during their trip last month.

"You see these people scooping out this dirty filthy water, and that's what their children are drinking," Morris said.

Nearly a thousand people have died from the growing Ebola outbreak.

"We were quite a ways from it and so Ebola wasn't on our mind, but one of the full-time missionaries who was there was recovering from Malaria and so those were the things I was thinking about," Morris said.

Morris says, in previous trips the group would fly through Senegal, in West Africa; this year, they took a different route.

"Had we been doing that I probably would've added that to our list of things we need to be praying about," Morris said.

A number of Paulann missionaries now reside in Africa. Two families and two young women live in Mozambique, another family lives in Uganda.

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