Misleading Sunscreens and Dangers of the Sun


"I haven't worn it at all summer before and I tan a lot."

It may alarm you how dangerous not wearing sunblock can be and how some sun lotions don't work as well as they lead on.

Mother of one, Mariah Chacon, says she and her son are outside all the time.

"So I put sunscreen on him daily. We have real fair skin so we burn real easily."

While it's always a good idea to have sun screen on, however, researchers have found most don't protect you from the sun.

After analyzing 700 sun screen products sold in the US, less than one-third of them were approved to be safe and effective.

Bel Ami Dermatologist, Dr. Kay Johnston, says when picking out a sun screen make sure to check the label.

"If you get a broad spectrum sun screen that's really what you want because if you get one that really just has you know a UVB coverage you really aren't protecting against the deeper damages."

Stand up " if you are using sunscreens greater SPF 50. Think again. Experts say it is no different than using SPF 30. It's a misconception people have thinking they don't need to reapply as often."

The FDA is currently trying to get new regulations passed where sun screen manufacturers can no long just put a spf number on products because it has led to have a false sense of security causing more sun burns.

Dr. Johnston says 9,700 people will die this year in America from melanoma and many will be females ages 15 to 29.

"The younger populations are the ones that think oh it can't happen to me oh it's just a little mole. It's no big deal."

So the next time you are soaking up the sun remember to wear your sun screen...Doctors orders.

Kaitlin Moore Reports.

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