McEntyre: first run for office

- Candidate Janet McEntyre is running for public office for the first time.

"It's been a really enjoyable experience so far," stated McEntyre.

McEntyre has been the Chief Deputy Clerk for Precinct 4's Justice of the Peace for 16 years. She said there is a lot in common between her current position and the county clerk.

"I have experience in civil, criminal, and case filing," said McEntyre.

She intends to focus on making customers happy.

"I want to improve customer service. I want to bring some fresh ideas to this office. I want to serve the public with a smile on my face," continued McEntyre.

It is days till the primaries and McEntyre said she has enjoyed knocking on doors. 

“I knocked on a door yesterday and a gentleman said…I already voted for you and I thought-really? He’s like, I mailed in a ballot and I’m like that’s awesome,” explained McEntyre.

One thing McEntyre already knows she wants to improve on is creating better business hours.

“I want to have...make regular business hours,” finished McEntyre.

If elected, McEntyre said she hopes to speed taxpayers wait in the county clerk's office by better educating the employees.

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