McCrea runs for Precinct 4

- Kenny McCrea the owner of McCrea Outdoors, is running again for Tom Green County Commissioner Precinct 4.

"I ran in 2010 and-unfortunately-I was the first runner up," stated McCrea.

In his last election, improving safety was his top priority. While it is still important to him, McCrea is focusing on water conservation this election.

"You know, we want safe neighborhoods, we want safe schools. Water is-you know-it's a very complicated issue. There's a lot of things that can be done that will make minute increases in water. But, we need major increases in water," McCrea said.

While McCrea is wishing for water, he already has plans in case it doesn't rain.

"Hopefully, we will get a major rainfall event this year that will buy us some time. But, ultimately, we're going to have to do things to be more conservative with existing water that we have…those issues need to be addressed and some of it is through the ranching industry. How much coverage we have out there in the pastures now. A lot of ranchers have destalked because of the drought situation," continued McCrea.

The shortage of water in Tom Green County has been high on McCrea's priorities for a while.

"I've looked at studies from the last 100 years…rainfall for San Angelo has stayed average," McCrea stated.

McCrea doesn't blame the county nor the city for the poor water supply and hopes to see some of his ideas used if he wins the election.

"The county is looking very hard, the city is looking very hard. Things they've done with the Hickory Aquifer...There's other things like that we could look into," finished McCrea.

In the meantime, McCrea said conservation will have to remain key in residents' least, until he's in office.

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