Man Dedicates More Than 40 Years to Ozona Church

A 91-year-old Ozona man retired from the Ozona United Methodist Church, last month; a place he's dedicated more than four decades to.

Meet Inez, or "EZ", Ybarra, the custodian and grounds keeper of the Ozona United Methodist Church for over 40 years.

Pastor Jean Reardon says, no one remembers a time in this church without EZ.

"If we all worked with the same dedication that he has we would probably all be as healthy as he is," Reardon said.

His daughter, Inez Gutierrez, says at 91-years-old this incredible man has proved age is just a number.

"Not too long ago he was mowing the yard, and I was here and took a picture of him and I said "gahlee" we're blessed, because my Dad at 91 is still working," Gutierrez said.

Pastor Reardon said EZ told her he felt if he retired his health would deteriorate. He kept working as along as his body would allow.

"No one would know that it was making him so tired until one day I was leaving, and I saw him leaning on his broom...very tired," Reardon said.

That's when EZ knew the time had come.

"I feel I can't go any further. My back hurt me so much. I really think that I thought I can do it," EZ said.

EZ retired last month, leaving a sense of emptiness at the church he called his second home.

"You know I'm used to being here, and now I got to quit," EZ said.

EZ will always have a special place to all those he touched in his 91 years, and impact many of us would be lucky to achieve.

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