-   A very special announcement may have made a little girl's dream come true - diagnosed with a life threatening disease - Wendy Kay Perdue  and her family will be vacationing this upcoming week in the magical world of Disney... An amazing gift for an amazing little girl.

Come tomorrow - a very special little girl will embark on the trip of a lifetime - to Disney world... And there is plenty to be excited about... She says there is one thing she looks forward to the  most.
Wendy Kay says, "riding all the rides and meeting all the characters."
Which may be a highlight of Disney World for any kid - but Wendy Kay is not like any other... At the age of eight - the Mertzon Elementary student was diagnosed with a life threatening disease.
"She was born with Panhypopituitarism which her pituitary glad was there when she was born and it kind of just went away the older she got. She has diabetes insipidus and septo-optic dysplasia," said her mother, Angela Perdue
These conditions cause Wendy Kay to have sufficient levels of adrenaline - and if she gets sick - or breaks a bone - her 12 year old body cannot produce the needed amount of cortisol like a normal child - which could be fatal. But it takes more than that to dampen her spirits.
It's been hard, but it doesn't let it put her down. She's just a ray of sunshine," her mother said.
A ray of sunshine that beams throughout the town of Mertzon - and more recently through the heart of Jan Sims - a volunteer for the make a wish foundation - who helped in sending the Perdue family to Disney World.

Jan Sims says, "This has been a wonderful experience. It brought tears to my eyes. And this family has just walked across my heart."
And pretty soon - Wendy Kay will be walking  through the front gates of Disney World where she and her family will stay in the kids of the world resort - courtesy of the make a wish foundation.... but above all - she takes time to send a message to those who helped make her dream a reality.
Wendy Kay says, "I wanna say thank you for all the trouble you've put in to this and, thank you."

   Wendy Kay learned of this vacation yesterday at Mr. Gatti's during a party in her honor... She was escorted to the restaurant in a limosine - making for an unforgettable experience.

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