Lost Ring Found After 60 Years

- On a spring day during the peak days of drought level two, Lindsay Waddell took her dogs out to play in the Lake Nasworthy waters between the Spring Creek Marina and Horse Shoe Bend. Sinking water levels exposed the lake floor where a small round object caught Waddell's eye.

"I found the ring April 22nd I just had a little time to do stuff and I was like 'Oh I'll just take the dogs out' we weren't out here long and I found it and then Memorial Day weekend so about a month later is when we had that heavy heavy rain and it filled all of our lakes. It's kind of a strange deal that I found it when I did you know I didn't have much time after that to come back to look for anything else," Lindsay Waddell said.

Taking it home and cleaning it Waddell found the ring was a 1953 Howard Payne University class ring with the initials AEL. After contacting the Howard Payne Alumni Association the ring was identified to belong to Addy Elizabeth Clark, a Washington state resident who lost the ring six generations ago while out on a date with her future husband. The ring has signifcant value to Clark who is the youngest of 16 children and the only one to have graduated from college. Waddell is a 2012 graduate of Angelo State University who is now working on adding her initials to her own class ring so in the case she ever looses it she hopes someone will return the favor.

"If hers didn't have the initials on it I probably would have still done a little research...try to figure out who it belonged to but I don't think I would have been as successful  as I was and I'm glad her being the only child out of sixteen that finished college and everything it's a big memory for her and a big milestone so it's good for her to be getting it back," Waddell said

Waddell and Elizabeth Clark will meet for the first time Friday (July 4th) where Waddell will have the honor to present the cleaned and polised ring to Clark at Clark's family reunion in Brownfield (TX). Waddell says she is excited about the occassion and looks forward to meeting Clark.

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