Local winery may not produce wine 2014

- April's late frost damaged wheat, pecan, and other crops across the Concho Valley. The freeze also wiped out almost all of this year's grape crop at the Christoval Vineyard.

Two months after April's late spring frost, little to no fruit can be found on vines. The Christoval Vineyard owner, Drex Vincent, said all workers can do right now is clip vines in preparation for new growth.

"It's a chore now just to keep up with them. We have a difficult time getting in, getting the weeds sprayed with the round-up; so, right now, we're playing catch-up and we will probably be doing that the rest of the summer," explained Vincent.

Vincent and his wife have owned the vineyard for five years. He said this is the biggest loss they have seen.

"It's not a big loss in fruit; but, it's a huge loss in the finished project, in wine," continued Vincent.

Even if the vineyard does not produce fruit this year, Vincent said the winery is in good shape. Over the last two years, he has produced 40 tons of grapes. Right now, they have a one to three year supply of all wine varietals.

"The good thing is we've got plenty of red wine. The red wine is where you are really vulnerable to a freeze like this... because whatever red wines you pick today won't be ready for two years," Vincent said.

The only field which may produce any wine is this field where the Italian White Wine is produced. Vincent said two years ago, this field produced seven tons of wine and, this year, they will be lucky if they get half-a-ton of wine from the field.

"They'll have a little bit of fruit on them this year. We'll make a decision in another couple of weeks whether we'll harvest anything out of this field," Vincent stated. "The rest of the fields though are void of pretty much any fruit at all."

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