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Tom Green County officials re-evaluating plans for jail as construction continues

San Angelo, TX - Construction on the new jail located near the Roy K Robb Corrections Facility, but Tom Green County Commissioners spent this week discussing if its still financially possible to add more beds to the current jail blueprint now as opposed to later.

County Judge Stephen Floyd says this move would be cheaper to pull off while the contractor and workers are still at the job site, which is on target for completion in March 2019.

Commissioners are reassessing the situation at this time, which may take between 45 and 60 days, but is crucial in determining how the county will plan the remodeling process for its main courthouse in the future.

Judge Floyd says one option may be for the county to use the empty jail space from the old facility downtown (As soon as the new one is constructed and ready to go)as a temporary location for court cases.

He argues since some elements of the court, including county judge offices, are already located on the bottom floors, it would make sense to have district court and judicial functions in the levels above.

"What it would do is solve an issue we have not been able to find a feasible solution to," Floyd adds.

As of now the total cost of detention, food, maintenance and other items at the County's current jail is more than $8 million.

The cost to run this new facility will see some added expenses, including the jail's adherence to the Sandra Bland Act, which requires county jails to help people suffering from mental health and substance abuse get treatment.

To do so they have a contract with Shannon to have a facility on-site. The jail is located near the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of the Concho Valley's Journey Recovery Center as well.

The new jail will also have an area designated for 17 year olds.

"There's several things that are different from what we originally planned, it's time to re-evaluate and develop more facts to see what that 2020 budget looks like. How much is it going to cost that taxpayer, all in, to operate that one facility."

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