Students Learn New Techniques at ASU Band Camp

San Angelo, TX - Band camp at Angelo State University is turning strangers into band mates. Trumpets and flutes fill the air, this week. It's part of band and orchestra camp at Angelo State.

The dozens of campers vary from experience levels to ages. The middle and high school kids are from across west Texas spending the entire week at ASU including Trystian Gallindo.

"Every student from every different band shows you something different. Which is awesome," says Gallindo. 

He just graduated from Ozona High School this is the last year he qualifies to attend the camp. 

The kids start off the week not knowing most of the people they'll be playing with.

"And then when you meet them and you come and play together, it is very like just beautiful. Like connected," says Gallindo. 

By the end of the week all should be playing in sync.

"I'm immensely proud because they get to show off  to their parents what they've learned," says Paige Gieselman, a camp counselor. 

The camp counselors says this camp gives her experience.

"This gives me teaching opportunities that I don't get during the school year," says Gieselman.

Camp director says it's a win win to watch the campers improve as well as the counselors.

"Watching them hone their skills as well. So it's a learning experience for everyone involved which is great," says Jonathan Alvis, ASU Summer Music Camps Director.

After four years of attending band camp, Gallindo decided to go to college at ASU. He hopes to one day be a camp counselor.  This week, he's looking forward to showing off the diversity of the band.

"It doesn't matter how old you are or how good you are at it, it just depends on how good you want the music to be and how you express the music through you," says Gallindo. 

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