Southern Concho Valley counties move to level 1 drought

Affected areas: "water supplies may be low and damage may occur"

SAN ANGELO, TX - The National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) Drought Monitor update released today has moved several southern Concho Valley areas into level 1 Drought level. Across mid-Crockett, nearly all of Schleicher, most of Menard, pieces of Irion, Sonora and Concho counties are now declared as experiencing "Level 1" drought conditions.

Level 1 is "moderate drought" meaning "water supplies may be low and damage may occur to crops and pastures."

The drought monitor classifies drought level on a scale from Level 0 to Level 4. The data is updated each Thursday after a team of experts review current data gathered from across the nation.

What do the colors mean? 

Colors on the map show where the land is drier than usual for this time of year.

  1. Level 0 — Areas shown in yellow are Abnormally Dry. In general, this category indicates land that is going into or coming out of drought.
  2. Level 1 — Tan areas are experiencing Moderate Drought: water supplies may be low and damage may occur to crops and pastures.
  3. Level 2 — Orange areas are in Severe Drought: water shortages are common and crop and pasture losses are likely.
  4. Level 3 — Red areas are experiencing Extreme Drought. Areas in this category may experience widespread water shortages and major losses of crops and pastures; forests in these areas become dry and susceptible to fire.
  5. Level 4 — Dark red areas are in Exceptional Drought. Shortages of water in streams, reservoirs, and wells in these areas can lead to water emergencies. Failed crops, barren pastures, and tinder-dry forests may be widespread across these areas.

The following map shows the rainfall the area received Wednesday, November 8, 2017 overlaid with the current drought conditions:

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