Shannon Celebrates 1 Year of Surgical Robot

Shannon Celebrates 1 Year of Surgical Robot

SAN ANGELO, TX -         Shannon Medical Center is celebrating a milestone for a surgical robot, which made positive in the local health community. 

"30 years ago, we had nothing like this," said Administrative Director of Surgery, Ian Rae.
The DaVinci surgical system has been around for a year now, and has been a very good change for abdominal surgery.
"We can do hysterectomies, appendix, hermia impairs, with just little incisions before it was a big cut," Rae said.

The robot has performed 300 procedures, with a second robot on it's way, being specifically donated to the Women and Children's Center.

Today, children got to test out the robot for themselves.
"I really liked it I think it's kind of cool to think that those robots could all the surgery that humans can't do," said Daniel, a Glenn Middle School student.

Students from local schools watched a professional demonstration by surgery teams and DaVinci representatives.

"It was more of like you could hear the all the history and it was almost like you could just feel it  like you were just anxious to be able to want to do it," said Landree, another student.

"For the kids it's wonderful. It's the future of what we do whether they become nurses or doctors that may be the ones to develop the next DaVinci robot," said Rae.

"I felt like they explained how it worked very good, how the origin kinda began and how it worked I think it was really well put together," said Tyler, another Glenn student.

Not only is the DaVinci robot a sight for the kids, with this machine, experts say you can get the best treatment without leaving San Angelo.

"We can do everything now that the big cities can do but it's here for the local people," said Rae.

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