SAISD Receives Complaint About Prayers at Graduation

SAISD officials are reviewing the compliant

A long-standing tradition, prayer at school graduations, is being challenged by a concerned parent.

An official with the San Angelo Independent School District, Derrick Jackson, verified the district received a letter from an organization based in Wisconsin that made reference to the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

"The letter was regarding student speech at graduation ceremonies. In accordance with federal and state law and District policy, students who are selected to speak at graduation ceremonies are not prohibited from engaging in religious or non-religious speech, as long as that speech is appropriate to the purpose of the event," Derrick wrote.

"The District is in the process of reviewing the concerns raised in the letter."


This is a developing story. We will have more coverage as information becomes available.

The last recorded complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation involving the San Angelo Independent School District, dated June/July 2015:

Texas teacher admits 'planting a seed'

San Angelo Independent School District in Texas is taking steps to ensure a teacher who bragged about praying with students will follow the law in the future.

Central High School teacher Julie Upton Schniers wrote on Facebook that she was "a teacher who prays with [her] team before every speech and debate tournament knowing they don't all believe and knowing it could get [her] fired some day."

She also wrote it was her job to subtly influence her students toward Christianity by "planting a seed."

"Almost more troubling than the constitutional violation is the willful and blatant manner in which Schniers is breaking the law," wrote Staff Attorney Sam Grover in an April 28 complaint letter.

The school district responded May 1, saying it was conducting an investigation and would "promptly take all remedial actions necessary to ensure compliance with applicable legal standards."

Source: - "FFRF Legal Victories"

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