Preparing for Concho Valley Farmer's Market

San Angelo, TX - Some local farmers and gardeners spend Friday mornings getting ready for the Concho Valley Farmers Market.

It's an early morning task harvesting plenty of vegetables to bring fresh produce for Saturday's Farmers Market.

"We'll be here all day today because we have a lot of stuff to pick," says Harry Braden.

Margie Jackson has 17 different vegetables in her garden near Wall. Relatives, including her brother Harry Braden, woke up early to help her get the veggies ready to sell. 

"I mean it makes you proud that you have a family that will pitch in like this family does," says Margie Jackson. Jackson is a gardener and the Concho Valley Farmers Market president.  

It's been a tradition since Jackson and Braden were little.

"Yeah, that's how we made a living, when we were little. A year old, 2 years old, we lived in a field," says Braden. 

They hope this family tradition will continue. 

"The only thing I want them to learn, when we're gone and they grow up and have a family, they can have a garden," says Braden.

If you want some fresh produce, this is as fresh as it's going to get.

"You can see how fresh they are. Pick them today, sell them in the morning," says Braden. You're so proud to sell your produce and show it off to the people, what you can grow. So, it's well worth it having a garden," says Jackson.

Saturday is the grand opening celebration at the Farmers Market on Oakes street from 7AM to noon. There will also be live music and door prizes.

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