Olfen ISD will be the first public Texas school district to begin a four-day school week schedule for the 2016-2017 school year.

The change was prompted when Superintendent Gabriel Zamora began working at Olfen ISD in May of 2015. The district carried out a needs-assessment and found that tutoring would greatly benefit their students.

Recent state legislation ruled that students have to participate in a total of 75,600 minutes of school instruction, as opposed to the past requirement of 180 days of instruction.

Combined with the need for tutoring, Zamora realized that a four-day school week, with an optional fifth day of one-on-one tutoring on Fridays, would be beneficial to students who may need extra attention in certain subject areas.

With the current, five-day school week, after-school tutoring is almost non-existent because of the need for staff and faculty to cover several different roles other than their main job-description. In fact, sometimes Zamora, Superintendent and Principal, has to drive the school buses to and from classes.

Zamora says the feedback has been mostly positive from students, parents and the school board.

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