Multiple Motorcycle Wrecks Put Riders on Edge

San Angelo, TX - Multiple motorcycle wrecks over the last couple of months have put riders on edge.  Friday evening, you can find some San Angelo riders on a run for motorcycle safety.

Jerry White has been riding for decades, while concerned, he's not surprised with the amount of motorcycle crashes.

"It's not if you're going to have an accident. It's when you're going to have an accident," say Jerry White, an independent rider.

There's been multiple motorcycle crashes in the Concho Valley, since May.

"In a two month span, we're talking about  people dead. Your talking about people hit and none of those were the motorcyclist fault," says GypC Serna.

GypC Serna is the founder and president of the all woman motorcycle club... Poderosas.

She says riders are on edge.

"At the end of the day, we all want to go home to our families," says Serna. 

Friday evenings, since late May her and other riders have been going on a run, trying to remind drivers that motorcycles are on the road.

"We started doing a weekly bike night. Gathering together. Just riding in the area so that we're visible," says Serna.

Serna wants drivers to look twice for motorcycles.

"Take that extra second that extra few seconds to look and make sure that there is not another vehicle coming," says Serna.

Both her and white just want drivers to remember motorcyclist are on the road too. White says a lot of the time, it's up to the motorcyclist to be prepared.

"If you see someone pulling onto an intersection, you start preparing for them not seeing you or you prepare for them not to stop," says White.

Riders should wear safety gear. A proper fitting helmet and bright colored clothes. White will continue to ride but hopes distracted drivers understand the consequence of their actions.

"You know, your life, my life is more important than a phone call or a text message," says White.

The Poderosas motorcycle club says all riders are invited to the run this evening.

They will meet at the Stripes off Chadbourne and Christoval around 7 PM. They finish the run at the VFW.


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