Former Lake View High School Student is in San Diego as a Marine Recruit

SAN DIEGO, CA - David Wagner Reports - "Basically I wanted to make a career for myself"

Diego Mar a former Lake View High School student is currently in training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego and is at the beginning of his career.
Diego Mar Marine Recruit

"Um basically after high school I really didn't know what I wanted to do until I talked to one of the recruiters, and decided that's what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't want to be at home doing nothing."

The marines offer those who enlist different options.

Rubie Blue Education Specialist
"You know I would say we have their best interest at heart and we are not trying to push them one way or another. If a marine comes to me and says I want to be an auto mechanic I am completely fine with that if they want to be a plumber I'm completely fine with that I just let them know hey just have a backup plan because life happens."

They even audition musicians for the Marine Corps music program

Uiliami Fihaki USMC Band
"I love what I do I get to lead they brass band as you saw earlier  I am a part of the rock band I play in the ceremonial band and you'll get to see us marching down the road looking good on Friday."

Captain Michael Freiberger, an F-18 pilot says he always wanted to fly jets.
"I joined the marine corps with the intention of flying jets specifically it's kinda of a combination of skill and luck uh on what you are gonna fly I was I guessed skilled and lucky enough to select jets and I was extremely excited to get the F-18."

As for Diego Mar as a new recruit he says choosing the path to the marine corps would be one he recommends to others.

"I would say it is a great opportunity to have a good career and if you want to join the best branch then you should join the marines."

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