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Downtown San Angelo is now home to the "Escape Room."

San Angelo, TX - It's 1962, the height of the Cold War, and you find yourself rushing to a friend's fallout shelter for safety from a nuclear blast. But once you enter the room, you find out--first--there is no nuclear war after all. However, now you only have an hours worth of oxygen inside the shelter and must escape immediately.

This is how the game begins inside "The Fallout Shelter," which is one of a number of planned themes for the Escape Room: San Angelo facility in downtown San Angelo.

The Escape Room officially opened a day after Thanksgiving, thanks to Lisa and John Yanda.

"We bring you in, introduce you to the game and explain some of hte locks. And then we lock you in a room!" explains Lisa Yanda, co-owner of the facility. "You have to find your clues and puzzles and solve everything in order to get out in a limited amount of time."

It's not about competing against those in the room with you, either. It's all about teamwork and escaping within the hour--otherwise, you lose. Pretty straightforward.

The facility will also have rooms designed for kids, including "Christmas Crisis" where you have to help Santa find the keys to his sleigh.

Some community members have already tested out the rooms, with mixed results of course, but the Yandas say they enjoy watching these teams work together to escape.

"Things will start picking up and even the one who is holding back from being fully immersed will see something from a puzzle that makes sense to them. That's when they get into it and then all of a sudden everyone is involved."

For pricing and an opportunity to escape the Fallout Shelter and other future games at the facility you can visit the website at the link below.

Think in a Box TX--Escape Room: San Angelo

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