City Looks to Change Pet Ordinances

City Looks to Change Pet Ordinances

San Angelo, Tx - San Angelo City Council members are moving closer to approving a strict new spay/neuter policy for San Angelo pet owners. Council members approved changes to the city's animal control ordinance during their meeting Monday. If it gets final approval, city pet owners would be required to have pets spayed/neutered and micro-chipped, unless they were registered as breeding animals.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Grindstaff says, "I think this is probably one of the most difficult decisions that we might make because a lot of people find this very intrusive into their families. Their pets are part of their families, unfortunately there are a lot of people who are not treating their pets that way."

City Council saw a lot of debate on whether or not to micro-chip pets and make it mandatory to spay or neuter pets over the age of four months.

Mayor Dwain Morrisson says, "I understand the emotions, but in reality, the citizens that we have that are responsible pet owners will continue to be responsible pet owners. Those that are not responsible will continue to not be responsible and we can make all sorts of feel good ordinances, emotional ordinances, but they're not going to solve the problem."

Councilman Marty Self says, "I there's a benefit that it'll keep us from putting down even one animal, then I support it and I'm going to vote for it."

The public also got their chance to voice opinions on the topic.

After much debate the city voted initially approving mandatory spay or neuter and micro-chipping of pets. the micro-chips will replace city tags. The final vote to approve is October sixth, and if it's passed, it goes into effect six months from that date.

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