ASU Campus Construction Includes Residential Housing Expansion

San Angelo, TX - More students will soon be able to live on Angelo State University campus. Come 2018, the university will have a lot of new additions.

Walk on Angelo State University campus and you'll hear hammers and saws at work. 

"Right now it's a shock factor we're growing so rapidly," says Cody Guins the Director of Facilities Planning and Construction at ASU.

The latest construction project is an addition to the Centennial Village Residence Hall.

"It's a pretty rewarding experience to be involved with a project ground up," Guins says. The building will add 162 beds for student living. 

"ASU is growing quite rapidly so one of the things we need to do is add a place for permanent residence here on campus," he says.

Students should be able to move in fall of next year.

"You need a place for folks to put their head at night especially the ones who don't  want to commute. It's a recruiting tool to have on campus housing," says Guins.

"'but the expansion of the residential hall is just one of many projects happening on ASU campus."

A press box at LeGrand Stadium is expected to be done by the end of the year. Archer College of Health and Human Services should be ready for nursing classes in spring of 2018. A Shannon Medicine Clinic and a green house for the biology department are set to be done in January.

"All the faculty and staff has really be enjoying this growth process and watching it change," says Guins. 

Then there's Hunter Strain Engineering Laboratories. It's expected to be ready for fall. It has five labs. After big machinery is installed, students will be able to do a variety of experiments from learning about water flow to building and welding. The floor even has a map of San Angelo incorporated into it.

"I can't tell you how humbling and honoring it is to be a part of this birth of this college of engineering here at ASU," says Guins.


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