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90 year old receives honorary GED

90 year old receives honorary GED

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS - Betty Jo Griffin, a 90-year-old San Angelo resident, decided, after several decades, it was time to get her high school diploma.

"I always did want to get my high school diploma, and I lacked such a short time- just two months- getting my diploma when my husband came back from over seas and we got married," Griffin says.

Griffin says she left school her senior year to start her family and raise her children while her husband was overseas. 

"I was married for 50 years before we had our golden wedding anniversary, and he was gone in a months time later," Griffin says.

After the passing of her husband, Griffin decided it was time to reach her goal of obtaining her diploma. She says "education is a life long process."

After being turned down by several different school districts, Betty Jo decided to turn to the Adult Literacy Council where Director Golightly was not only willing, but excited to help her out.

"I was so encouraged by someone her age, 90 years old, that wanted to learn and to obtain her diploma, that I jumped up and hugged her. I thought it was so exciting to know that, "Marylin Golightly, Adult Literacy Council Director, says.

"We do appreciate Ms. Golightly a lot. She's a wonderful person," Griffin says.

Griffin was presented with an honorary ged at the school she would have graduated from, Lakeview high school. A representative from Drew Darby's office presented Griffin with a framed letter of recognition and a Texas flag that flew over the state capitol.

"I feel wonderful about it, and I appreciate everybody. It's just hard to believe that it's happened," Griffin says.

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