From the loop to state highways going out of town, trash seems to be piling up faster these days on San Angelo roadways even with the "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign. Dana Winter has the story.

Dana Winter: Don't mess with Texas. That's the Texas Department of Transportation's litter prevention program. But here in San Angelo on Loop 306, litter lines the highway.

Karen Threlkeld, TXDOT: "People are noticing because we've had mowing done recently and all the litter that's on the side of the road has been chopped up by the mowers."

Winter: But why is there so much litter that isn't being picked up? TXDOT's Karen Threlkeld says they have contractors who pick up trash in different areas of the city weekly.

Threlkeld: "It is a contractor, Concho Resources, that picks up. They have employees that pick up Monday through Friday throughout the town."

Winter: Threlkeld adds there is a huge problem with trash in the community, but TXDOT funded programs work to help people litter less.

Threlkeld: "We really want people to keep the trash in your car and dispose of it properly. Don't throw it out the window. Don't leave it in the back of your truck bed and let it blow out into the wind and become someone else's problem."

Winter: TXDOT offers litter bags free of charge to the public at any of their locations to help keep our streets clean. Dana Winter KLST news.

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