Lawsuit filed against Republic Services

- Several months after city council members instructed staffers to negotiate for a new trash collection contract with Republic Services, a class action lawsuit was filed in court today against Republic for breach of contract and fee overcharges.

Attorneys are expected to ask city council members not to approve a new trash contract for the city at Tuesday's meeting.

Monday, a class action lawsuit was filed against Republic Services for breach of contract and fee overcharges for some two-thousand commercial customers within the San Angleo city limits.

Texas Disposal Systems was also vying for the city's new trash contract and hosted a press conference Monday asking city officials to not approve a new trash contract with Republic until audit results are released.

"I don't know the truth. I don't know how there can be an audit report and it not become public," stated Bob Gregory. "Now, again, it might come after the contract is done which is one of the reasons why we're saying slow down the process."

As TDS is actively campaigning for the city's solid waste contract, they are asking local business owners to sign an online petition requesting council permanently remove the monopoly on the city's commercial solid waste contract and allow business owners to have the option of choosing their own pickup company. There are almost 300 signatures on the petition.

Catcus Carwash owner, Heidi Brooks, is considering signing the petition and joining in the class action lawsuit.

"Obviously there are questions as to overcharges that have been taken place for quite some time. It hasn't been completely fair," Brooks stated.

The city has already spent months negotiating a contract with Republic Services. At city hall, Mayor Dwain Morrison said he will vote for the Republic Services contract Tuesday and he is excited for San Angelo to have its first city-paid for recycling service.

"I think the contract is a good one. I'm very satisfied with it," Morrison explained.

In a statement Monday, San Angelo City Manager Daniel Valenzuela said the city appreciates Republic Services working to resolve the charges commercial customers have paid. He said Republic has agreed to refund all excess fees charged to the approximately 2,000 customers.

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